Civil War Battlefield Overlook

275 Buckeye Street • Saltville • (276) 496-5342

During the Civil War, the North battled to gain control of this town, the main supplier of the salt the Confederate army used to preserve meat. See restored fortifications, battle relics at the town museum. Other historic sites: Salt Park, with reconstructed salt furnace; replica of cabin where Patrick Henry’s sister lived and other historic buildings; two steam locomotives.



Civil War Battlefield Reenactments Saltville, VA

King-Stuart House

217 Palmer Avenue • Saltville • (276) 496-5342 •

The cabin was occupied from its beginning (circa 1795) through the 1960s. See the many visible indicators of the numerous transitional modernization periods the cabin has experienced. Enjoy the stories relating to the various families occupying the cabin including William King, William Alexander Stuart brother of Confederate Cavalry General J. E. B. Stuart, Flora Stuart, the widow of Gen. Stuart and others.

King-Stuart House, Saltville, VA

Madam Russell Methodist Church and Cabin

207 West Main Street • Saltville • (276) 496-5342 •

Visit the church which was named as a memorial to Madam Russell, Patrick Henry’s sister. Magnificent stain glass windows. Tour the replica cabin of Madam Russell and enjoy stories of her tremendous influence throughout the years. The lives that Madam Russell touched are limitless, by some she is referred to as  “The Mother of Methodism”.

Madam Russel Cabin, Saltville, VA

Museum of the Middle Appalachians

123 Palmer Avenue  Saltville, VA 24370 • (276) 496-3633,

The  main hall of the Museum of the Middle Appalachians features an interactive model of the Saltville Valley. Various points of historical and geological significance are represented on the model. Surrounding the Saltville Valley Model are five permanent exhibits: Geology, Woodland Indians, Company Town, Ice Age, Civil War, and the Picture Library. Mon-Sat 10 - 4, Sun 1 - 4.

Museum of the Middle Appalachians, wooly mammoths in snow

Palmer Mill and Playhouse

618 Palmer Avenue • Saltville • (276) 496-5342 •

Replica water powered Grist Mill houses a community theatre.

Regional Visitor Center • 408 Whitetop Road • Chilhowie, VA 24319 • I-81, Exit 35

(276) 646-3306 • Toll Free 877-255-9928 •